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  1. Jerry.

    Bandit - Tool Designed To Find Common Security

    Bandit is a tool designed to find common security issues in Python code. To do this Bandit processes each file, builds an AST from it, and runs appropriate plugins against the AST nodes. Once Bandit has finished scanning all the files it generates a report. Bandit was originally developed within...
  2. Jerry.

    Brutemap - Tool That Automates Testing Accounts

    Brutemap - Tool That Automates Testing Accounts To The Site's Login Page Brutemap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates testing accounts to the site's login page, based on Dictionary Attack. With this, you no longer need to search for other bruteforce tools and you also...
  3. Jerry.

    Enjoy tutorial CC to Moneygram

    Requirements: -Get a usa cvv with Ssn , Mmn & Dob. -Now get the background check of cc owner ( their are alot of sites which are offering these services ). May be you guys heard of Credit Reports . Now what I will say is little tricky , hope you will get it easily . You get your self register at...
  4. Jerry.

    New method

    1. Go to realtor.com/trulia.com 2. Enter your drops Zip Code 3. Select a house 4. Copy the address to instantcheckmate.com/truthfinder.com/whitepages.com and select occupant 6. Save their DOB, Telephone 7. Got to findme.cm and buy their SSN 8. Using antidetect go to Sprint.com,uscellular.com...
  5. Jerry.

    BlackEye - The Most Complete Phishing Tool

    BLACKEYE is an upgrade from original ShellPhish Tool (https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/shellphish) by thelinuxchoice under GNU LICENSE. It is the most complete Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1 customizable. WARNING: IT ONLY WORKS ON LAN! This tool was made for educational purposes! Phishing...
  6. Jerry.

    Finalrecon - osint tool for all-in-one

    FinalRecon is a fast and simple python script for web reconnaissance. It follows a modular structure so in future new modules can be added with ease. Features FinalRecon provides detailed information such as: Header Information WHOIS SSL Certificate Details Found Flag in SSL Certificate -...
  7. Jerry.

    Ftpbruter - a ftp server brute forcing tool

    Brute forcing tool for FTP server. FTPBruter can work in any OS if they have and support Python 3. Feature Brute force a FTP server with a username or a list of usernames (That's all). Install and Run on Linux You have to install Python 3 first: Install Python 3 on Arch Linux and its...
  8. Jerry.

    Shellphish - Phishing Tool For 18 Social Media

    Phishing Tool for 18 social media: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Github, Twitter, Yahoo, Protonmail, Spotify, Netflix, Linkedin, Wordpress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, InstaFollowers, Gitlab, Pinterest. This script uses some webpages generated by SocialFish Tool...
  9. Jerry.

    Best IP & Network Scanning Tools in 2020

    IP and Network scanning tools are software that identify various loopholes of network and safeguard from unprecedented and abnormal behavior that poses a threat to the system. It provides a convenient way to secure your computer network. Following is a handpicked list of Top IP Scanners, with...
  10. Jerry.

    friend adder elite 5.0.5 ( 8 in 1 )

    img] friend adder elite 5.0.5 ( 8 in 1 ) full social friend adder new method and new techniques facebook friend adder youtube liker and subsriber twitter friend adder Hi5 friend adder Bebo friend adder Tagged Friend adder Skyrock friend adder MySpace friend adder
  11. Jerry.

    Pearl Box Plans

    The Pearl Box:Definition - This is a box that may substitute for many boxes which produce tones in hertz. The Pearl Box when operated correctly can produce tones from 1-9999hz. As you can see, 2600, 1633, 1336 and other crucial tones are obviously in its sound spectrum. Materials you will need...
  12. Jerry.

    Obfuscapk - A Black-Box Obfuscation Tool For Android Apps

    Obfuscapk is a modular Python tool for obfuscating Android apps without needing their source code, since apktool is used to decompile the original apk file and to build a new application, after applying some obfuscation techniques on the decompiled smali code, resources and manifest. The...
  13. Jerry.

    JEx Bot v3 - Mass Shell UPload Bot - CPANEL FTP SMTP WP CRACK - AUTO GRAB URL

    JEx Bot v3 - (Anonfile mirror) : https://anonfile.com/Pfgb92X3ne/jexv3_zip Zip Pass: azizc99tn_ Features: Auto Grab Website list with dork?‍+ FAST Scan+ Auto Symlink, Get cpanels, Shells, FTP, SMTP, Configs, Sqli Targets, Dump Data and etc...? Upload Automatic Shells and BruteForce SMTP...
  14. Jerry.

    ANDRAX v3 - The First And Unique Penetration Testing Platform For Android

    ANDRAX The first and unique Penetration Testing platform for Android smartphones. Thanks to Jessica Helena she made ANDRAX v3 possible. What is ANDRAX ANDRAX is a penetration testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, ANDRAX has the ability to run natively on Android so it...
  15. Jerry.

    Kubolt - Utility For Scanning Public Kubernetes Clusters

    Kubolt is a simple utility for scanning public unauthinticated kubernetes clusters and run commands inside containers. Why? Sometimes, the kubelet port 10250 is open to unauthorized access and makes it possible to run commands inside the containersusing getrun function from kubelet: Code: //...
  16. Jerry.

    VulnX - CMS And Vulnerabilites Detector

    Vulnx is a cms and vulnerabilites detection, an intelligent auto shell injector, fast cms detection of target and fast scanner and informations gathering like subdomains, ipaddresses, country, org, timezone, region, ans and more... Instead of injecting shell and checking it works like all the...
  17. Jerry.


    377754800201037=221120117113412800000 PIN 4711 377754800218148=220120118017020700000 PIN 1905 377754800221829=220220118024290500000 PIN 4175 377754001297099=221220117129753800000 PIN 3216 377754001343240=220220118025026800000 PIN 9989 377754500331860=220820117082921500000 PIN 1520...
  18. Jerry.

    Dumps = US,Eu,Asia =101/201 / Pins

    4159828003991978=20021010425000006290 4302340020336894=20111010000099108485 5391860058830137=21031010000024100000 5111651315479274=19081010000085600000 4337510000707236=20051010000000000130 4737024969088592=22011010000000814 4159820012309847=20111010000000004620...
  19. Jerry.

    Canadian Dumps..

    4503300015467028=15072010819953890301 classic | visa | | credit | canada 4503300015482878=15072010179103490201 classic | visa | | credit | canada 4503300015867540=15102010174234590101 classic | visa | | credit | canada 4503391092227013=16022010359377490301 classic | visa | | credit | canada...
  20. Jerry.